PCBA Concern: “Saving Redwood Glen”

Redwood GlenPCBA has received word of a critical circumstance at Redwood Glen Camp which may determine its ability to continue in the future. Knowing of PCBA’s interest in the Camp, we forward this announcement for your information and response.

We need your help! The State is giving us a deadline to raise money to build a new water system and become water independent. We need your financial support now to prevent the camp from being sold. Could you give $20 and send this plea to 20 others who may be able to assist us? To give, click here: http://redwoodglen.com/support/contribute.php

The plight

For the past two years, we have been in negotiations with the County of San Mateo and State of California Water Board over access to water as Redwood Glen seeks to become water independent. On March 1st, the County turned off water to our facilities and we were no longer granted permission to truck in water to meet the needs of our guests. Events were cancelled, summer camp registration was put on hold, and staff were preparing for lay-offs with impending closure.

However, thanks to God and God’s people praying, we were granted a reprieve with the State! We are being allowed to temporarily truck water and thus, reopen as we continue the process of building our own water systems and accessing Hoffman Creek as our primary water source. Although there has been much rejoicing, Redwood Glen is far from “out of the woods,” so to speak, as we reopen with reduced staff, mandatory time-off, and increased costs for trucked-in water.

We need to raise $400,000 to build the water plant and raise money to off-set the additional costs of water as we can continue our summer camps and ministry to our guest groups. (Delivered water is expensive.) The engineers have told us that this will be a 6-9 month process. If money can be raised by May 1st, the project could move forward and Redwood Glen would be water independent by early 2017. No more groups would need to be cancelled and reservations for 2017 could continue.

The reality is: If Redwood Glen does not raise the money to build the water system, the camp may be forced to close as trucking in water is unsustainable.

The plan

We are looking for 20,000 people to give $20 to help save Redwood Glen. After 58 years of ministry, we know that there are more than 20,000 people who have been blessed by God in this beautiful place. We hope that everyone who hears of our plight will give and then spread the word to 20 others who in turn might give and tell others. We are trusting God that this grassroots effort will reap a harvest to save Redwood Glen for future generations.

If $400,000 is raised, we would be able to be build the water system. If $1,000,000 is raised, we would be able to make improvements to the buildings. If $2,000,000 is raised, we would be able to pay off the loan for the property. If $3,000,000 is raised, we would have money in the bank and be able to reinvest it for the future.

The prayer

Would you dream a new dream with us for Redwood Glen? Consider giving and passing the word. Good news is meant to be shared and we want the good news of Christ’s love to continue because of Redwood Glen for many more years to come. This is our hope and our prayer.

Everyone can give $20. That is coffee money for a week, one dinner out, a movie night. These things are nothing when compared to the eternal value Redwood Glen has provided campers and guests (like yourself) for over half a century.

With the State providing us this reprieve to stay open, we believe God has given us a second chance. We can’t give up! We must push forward with generosity and faith to see Redwood Glen become water independent with our debts paid in full. If you have been blessed by God at camp, we hope that you will give and pass the word along. We know God can do it as God’s people rise up to take action. We are not going to allow the State, the County, or satan to keep us from our mission.

Thank you for your support of Redwood Glen. Together, with God’s help, we can do this. And remember, all donations are tax-deductible!

Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen. (Ephesians 3:20-21)


What happened to my gifts to Rooted for Renewal? The monies raised were and still are being used for debt reduction and for projects to improve the camp, including a new Welcome Center and Meeting Room, which will be dedicated this summer in honor of Ray and Romona Miller and their family.

What happens if the minimum of $400,000 is not raised? We will still praise God, and we will use all monies for debt reduction. However, if the money cannot be raised to build a water system, the camp may be forced to consider selling the property.

Would Redwood Glen really need to sell the property? YES. While the State has granted a reprieve for Redwood Glen to remain open, trucking in water for all our groups is not sustainable and expensive. The situation IS serious. Unless we are able to raise enough funds to build a water system, we will be forced to sell. Selling the camp is our final option. We are committed to doing everything we can to prevent that from happening. We hope you are too, and that you will give at least $20 and let 20 other people know so that together we can save Redwood Glen.

Who is making decisions about the future of the camp? The Board of Directors are the legal owners of the camp and will make final decisions regarding the future of Redwood Glen, the inistry, the property, and all assets. Rev. Dr. Jerry Mann is the chairperson of the board and may be reached at (415) 753-3950.

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