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Baptists Lunching Together: Spring 2017

Wednesdays at Noon ($10)
Grand Lake Gardens, 401 Santa Clara Ave., Oakland

April 19, 2017: Robert Walter

President & Executive Director of the Joseph Campbell Foundation

Spaceship Earth Ascending: Mythologies for the 21st Century & Beyond

Joseph Campbell frequently noted that every mythology is “another person’s religion.” In this talk, we will consider his thoughts about today’s mythologies and those of the future.

The “future”? Since time immemorial prophets have authoritatively declaimed it, artists have conjured utopias and dystopias, and beguiling shysters have tantalized the gullible with promises. But when tomorrow arrives it is often not what we had envisioned. Why is that?

How do our mythologies, the stories and belief systems that inform our lives, all-too-often defeat us by pitting each-against-the-other? Why must our embedded mythologies be reimagined for the 21st century and beyond? How do we do that?

In our time together, we will seek to answer these questions.

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