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PCBA Brochure

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Vision Statement

The Pacific Coast Baptist Association embraces a vision for our congregations that is faithful to our American Baptist heritage and principles, by celebrating our diversity through fellowship with one another, by sharing our resources for our common ministries, and by participating in the wider mission of the American Baptist Churches, USA.

Mission Statement

Understanding that meaningful associations are built only when the individual members find purpose in them, we affirm as a formal body the following foundation for the Pacific Coast Baptist Association.

We understand that in the past many of the purposes given below were fulfilled by regions within the American Baptist Churches USA. However, as Baptist leaders we have discovered a need for fellowship, as well as for a vision that is appropriate for our congregations. In addition, we need access to the shared services we had come to rely upon in a region, to help carry out the mission God has given us. We therefore are called to gather as a Baptist association with a joint purpose:

To grow and share a common vision of how American Baptist Churches on the Pacific coast may meet in association as a continuing community of Christ, seeking God’s future for our inclusive congregations and wider relationships;

To preserve and affirm our common American Baptist heritage and principles, linking them to our current missions and procedures;

To promote and grow an ever stronger fellowship among and within American Baptist congregations and among individual American Baptists throughout our regions, celebrating the joys of our diversity;

To seek out and join in common mission within our regions and throughout the world, merging the strengths of our varied cultural backgrounds, building and enhancing our ability to share the Good News;

To develop mutual accountability in areas such as ministerial search, ministerial relations, and ordination;

To share services and resource materials in areas such as educational ministries, public ministries, women in ministry, youth ministries, and ministries with racial/cultural groups.

The Board of the Pacific Coast Baptist Association

        Chair – Don Ng

        Vice Chair – Jim Hopkins

        Secretary – Becky Lessler

        Treasurer – Louann Roberts

        Financial Secretary – Wendy Neale

        Communications Chair – Dale Edmondson

        Members at Large

– Dayle Scott

– Phil Meads

Revised August 30, 2019

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