PCBA NewsBrief

NewsBrief was the newsletter of the Pacific Coast Baptist Association until October of 2009. The current quarterly newsletter is PCBA Notes.

  • 2009 NewsBrief
    • October 2009: PCBA and Evergreen Baptist Association; BLT; Shoreline Stroll; Missional Church Orientation; Baptist Anniversary; News & Notes
    • May 2009: Spring Conference; Dolores Street Baptist Church; Blessings/Marriages; Baptists Lunching Together; Evergreen Update; American Baptist Biennial; BPFNA Peace Camp; Alliance at Asilomar; Shoreline Stroll; PCBA Finance; News & Notes
    • February 2009: Moldovan visitors meet with PCBA; Baptists
      unching Together; Annual Spring Conference; American Baptist Biennial; ABSW Pastoral Leadership Conference; Black History Month; BPFNA Peace Camp; PCBA Finance; Shell Ridge Affirmation; News & Notes
  • 2008
    • December 2008: Evergreen; Baptists Lunching Together; Spring Conference; California Proposition 8; PCBA Budget; Pasadena Biennial; Baptist Joint Committee; News & Notes
    • August 2008: An Imperfect Union: Religion and Politics; Burmese Baptists in Oakland; Baptists Lunching Together; Evergreen Baptists; Mission Report; Shoreline Stroll; Living Lovingly; Web sites/Internet; News & Notes
    • May 2008: Spring Conference; Offering for Myanmar; BLT; PCBA Board Meeting; Irene Jennings in Japan; ABSW Announces Interim President; News & Notes
  • 2007
    • November 2007: From Jim Hopkins; BLT; Evergreen Association; Coalition for Baptist Principles; Wedding Invitation; Religious Liberty Essay Contest; Ordination Scheduled; Catch the Dream; News & Notes
    • August 2007: Jefferson Memorial; BLT; New Baptist Covenant; Web of Welcome; Letters to the Churches; News & Notes
    • March 2007: Spring Meeting plans; New Orleans Mission Trip; BLT; Board Retreat plans; Ordinations; National Gatherings; News & Notes
    • January 2007: Roy Medley at BLT; The Purpose of PCBA; Ordinations Scheduled; Spring Conference; Mission Trip; Ministers Council; Thai Coffee Saves Lives; News & Notes
  • 2006
    • September 2006: Important Dates and Events; Alliance of Baptists and Cuba; Board Notes; Baptist Cooperation; ABCUSA Request; News & Notes
    • June 2006: On Fear- And Hope; BLT; Spring Conference Update; ABC/PSW; Leaders Faire; In Memoriam; News & Notes
    • March 2006: Religious Liberty; PCBA Spring Conference; Mission Partners; News & Notes
  • 2005
    • November 2005: Three Churches Join Evergreen; American Baptist Life and PCBA; BLT; Epiphany Worship; PCBA Spring Conference; Pastoral Leadership Conference;
    • September 2005: Strengthening relationships; C-BAY at Peace Camp; BLT; Upcoming Spring Conference; Hurricane Relief.
    • July 2005: Biennial Comments: New PCBA Officers; BLT; C-BAY Summer Events; Philippine Book Project; New PCBA Brochure
    • April 2005: Welcome Fairview Community Church; Ordination Council; PCBA Serves Churches; Spring Conference ; LA Gathering; Peace Camp; PCBA Finances
    • February 2005: Soul Freedom; BLT topics; Kate Campbell concert; Peace Camp; Judson Declaration
  • 2004
    • November 2004: Guest commentary: “The Life Cycle of Intolerant Religious Parasitism”; Community of Bay Area Youth
    • August 2004: Welcoming First Baptist of Berkeley; Books for the Philippines
    • June 2004: Baptists as Believing People; Annual Meeting & Officers



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